** Price Rise Effective 21st February 2022 **

As a result of the ongoing ‘pricing pressure’ we have all experienced over the past 12 months, Rootboot wishes to advise all our valued customers that there will be a price increase effective as of the 21st of February this year.

Our best intentions over this period have been to absorb these increases as much as possible, however, unfortunately these costs have now well surpassed expectations on all fronts. We would like to highlight we have not simply put a blanket increase across our range but instead assessed each product on its own merit and in particular our ‘wear’ part range, which has been most affected from a costing point of view.

For our loyal and returning customers, we understand the ongoing requirement for any 'wear part' is a significant cost. Taking this into consideration we have tried to keep any increase in this area to a bare minimum as we value your continued support now and into the future.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to another great year servicing you all with your seeding requirements.


The relationship between seed and fertiliser placement is crucial to plant growth and health.
Fertiliser should never be placed directly below the seed. when moisture is limited roots will always grow down to seek moisture, hence entering a band of concentrated fertiliser that is toxic to plants when moisture stressed.  Fertiliser should never be deep banded ( 30mm or more below seed ). Winter crops will suffer in early growth stages if the soil remains cold and wet and plants can't access the fertiliser that has been deep banded. In these conditions fertiliser is very prone to leeching making it inaccessible to plants at later growth stages.  As feeder roots on plants grow laterally it is ideal to position fertiliser in a band adjacent to the seeds planted. In dry conditions With this positioning roots can access deep subsoil moisture without being detrimental to plant growth and health.  Achieving successful paired seed rows delivers optimum competition against weeds and promotes early crop canopy closure for moisture retention.
Rootboot Seedbed and Fertilizer Placement


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