Rootboot razor is a disc seeding system that uses a disc to open the soil cutting through all trash / residue and weeds. The disc penetrates the soil at any depth with no effect on seed depth and placement. A seed/ fert / liquid fert boot that delivers paired seed rows 75mm apart positioned to the back of the disc and has a plate/ scraper that engages the shadowing side of the disc. It's depth is governed by a press wheel that firms the soil between the seed rows. This configuration delivers perfect seed, fert and liquid fert placement in all soil types and conditions ( see rootboot theory and rootboot info). The difference between rootboot razor and tyned rootboot is superior trash/stubble flow. Trials have shown that razor conserves moisture by fracturing the soil gently, compared to a knife point that throws and 'fluffs up' the soil. What makes it unique is how the boot engages the disc, and how the boot and discs movement is separate from each other.


  1.   Disc and boot are independent from each other.
    1. underseed tilth
    2. bring soil moisture up from depth
    3. eliminates hair pinning
    4. precise seed placement
  2. Simple open layout
    1. Less moving parts
    2. Less maintenance
  3. Standard off-the-shelf components
  4. Removable stub axles
  5. Quick easy replacement (change of disk in 1 minute)
  6. Quality seal bearings (no greasing required)
  7. One grease nipple
  8. Fits all bars with 100mm RHS
  9. Adjustable bump stop (more hectares per disc)




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