A Seed/fert/liquid fert boot that is bolted behind any tyned tillage implement ( that uses a knife point to open the soil ) and delivers paired seed rows approximately 75mm apart. The fertiliser and liquid product ( eg liquid fertiliser including trace elements, fungicides etc ) is placed between the paired seed rows with a buffer zone of soil between the seed and fert. The fertiliser/ liquid fertiliser is also positioned slightly deeper than the seed bed  ( approximately 15mm ). As the relationship between the seed, fert and liquid fert tube outlets are fixed, the placement of seed fert and liquid fert is always constant.
What makes it unique is the positioning of the seed, fert, liquid fert outlets And that the fert tube is behind the seed tube. Seed outlets are streamline and allow soil to flow overtop encapsulating seed.


  • Correct seed and fertilizer placement.
  • Loose Soil adjacent to and below seedbed.
  • Correct chemical incorporation.
  • Avoid fertilizer toxicity.
  • Ensure seed has loose soil above it.
  • Good trash flow.



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