The relationship between seed and fertiliser placement is crucial to plant growth and health

It's important to avoid placing fertilizer directly beneath the seed. If there's a lack of moisture, roots naturally extend downwards to find water and may encounter a harmful concentration of fertilizer. It's also not advisable to place fertilizer too deep (30mm or more below the seed).

During the early growth stages of winter crops, if the soil is cold and damp, plants may struggle to reach deeply banded fertilizer. In such conditions, there's a high risk of fertilizer leaching, rendering it unavailable to plants later on.

Since plant feeder roots tend to grow sideways, it's best to position fertilizer in a band next to the planted seeds. In arid conditions, this allows roots to reach deeper soil moisture without harming plant growth and health.

Properly spaced paired seed rows are key to achieving strong competition against weeds and hastening the development of a crop canopy, which helps in retaining moisture.

With its unique design, the Rootboot solves these issues by placing the seed and fertilizer precisely where it can be of the most benefit.

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